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CIPIS is first of its kind Indian intellectual property information database by Clairvolex ( Emergence of India as a major intellectual property (IP) filing destination has amplified the significance of Indian IP information, beyond its relevance as an embodiment of public notice. CIPIS provides tailored, precise and apt Indian IP information catering to various industry needs. CIPIS provides access to bibliographic information for all published Indian Patents, Designs and Trademarks till date. The database also offers an intuitive layout and web design to offer a user friendly navigational experience.

CIPIS makes the desired information available with wide searchable parameters. The search parameters CIPIS ranges from 7 – 22 depending on the module one is looking at. Each record on CIPIS is quality checked for minimizing human errors. Our data-entry operators and quality checkers are well-experienced and take utmost care to avoid any typo errors. We also correct the obvious errors committed by the patent office while doing the publication. To top it all, the data-entry module of CIPIS contains in-built checks and QC points.

CIPIS Features
  • Full-Text Searching of all Indian granted patent
  • Bibliographic Searching
  • Powerful Search Options: Quick Search, Advanced Search and Expert Search
  • Prior Art Searching.
  • Patent Image and Abstract on Result Set
  • Exclusive Integrated View
  • Data Export function with dynamic column
  • Save Search
  • Basic Analytics Features:
    • Patent Count vs. Applicant
    • Patent Count vs. IPC
    • Patent Count vs. Filing Year
    • Patent Count vs. Inventor
    • Patent Count vs. Applicant Country
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